Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co

Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co Profile.

The Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd of China is a solely-owned enterprise run by USA Carter Heavy Industry Group.

The Carter earth moving series includes mini excavators, wheeled loaders, backhoe loaders, etc. With solid performance and reliable quality at a reasonable price our construction equipment enjoys a very good reputation both on the local and overseas markets.

Though only founded in 2002, we have developed very quickly in a short period. In 2005 our venture ranked the fifth among mini excacator manufaturers in China, we now have five series and ten models with various applications in the construction industry.

The science of engineering has become the most critical component of today’s heavy machinery. In order for each piece of equipment to meet Carter’s Guarantee of Excellence, our engineering process features the latest state-of-the-art technological innovations — where our machinery is designed and produced for the global market.

Features such as our ITCS power unit control system (Intelligent Total Control System), reliably coordinates the equipments’ advanced features for optimal economy and efficiency, precisely transmitting instructions from the operator to the machine. With multiple operating modes, each machine can match its performance to the specific job at hand.

We also believe a machine’s ergonomics and ease-of-operation must match its technological prowess. Accordingly we have designed an operating environment with the operator’s comfort and productivity in mind. The end result is a line of equipment which provide the most powerful and efficient operating system on the market today.

Security, efficiency and environmental consciousness are some of our principles of operation we try to pass along in our machinery. As a real partner in the operation of your business we guarantee constant technical support and efficient parts logistics, in order to keep your machine working well.

Every dealer is backed by skilled engineers as well as in-house and field service representatives and related technical staff. Combined with our large, readily available on-line parts inventory, we can ensure minimal downtime. This level of commitment is what ultimately maximizes our customers profitability.