918 Model Ranger Wheeled Loader


  • CUMMINS B3.3(BC30060) engine
  • SDLG 3 speed transmission
  • SDLG axles with air over hydraulic disc brakes
  • A/C ROPS cabin with pillarless wrap around windscreen for maximum visibility
  • Single lever hydraulic pilot control
  • 2 years or 2000 hours warranty
  • Optional hydraulic quick hitch
  • Optional full powered hydraulic 3rd function
  • Optional auto weighing equipment
  • Optional auto greasing system
  • Large range of practical attachments available

General Specifications
Item Performance
Engine horse power 60KW @ 2,200RPM
Max. traction force (by engine) ≥48 kN
Operating weight 6,100kg / 6.1t
Standard bucket capacity 1.0 m3
Rated load 1800 kg / 1.8 t
Max. brakeout force ≥48 kN / 4895 kg / 4.89 t
Static tipping load ≥36 kN / 3671 kg / 3.67 t
Min. turning radius outside rear wheel 4546 mm
Min. turning radius outside bucket 5078 mm


Type Straight-lined, water cooled,
4 stroke, direct injection
Rated power 58 kW
Rated rpm 2400 rpm
Displacement 3.99 mL
Cylinder No. 4
Cylinder bore/stroke 100/127 mm
Min fuel consumption ≤235 g/kW.h
Max torque 260 N.m
Working System
Type Single lever hydrolic pilot control
Boom cylindercylinder
bore×piston rod
80×45×695 mm
Bucket cylinder -
cylinder bore×piston rod
100×55×404 mm
Pump CBGjA2050
Multiple directional control valve
Working pressure 2538 Psi
Lifting time (max load) ≤5.2s
Lowering time (empty) ≤3.6s
Dumping time (empty) ≤0.73s
Total ≤9.53s

Steering System
Type Full-hydraulic articulated steering
Pilot –actuated valve VLE-150
Steering pump CBGjA2050
Steering cylinder-cylinder
bore×piston rod diameter×stroke
63×35×290 mm
Redirector BZZ-320
Steering angle 35°
Working pressure 2030 Psi

  Item Performance
Torque Converter Type Single phase 3 element single turbo
hydraulic converter
Torque ratio 3.43
Cooling system Circulated, water cooled
Inlet oil pressure 79.77 – 94.27 Psi
Outlet oil pressure 29.01 – 43.51 Psi
Travel speed Speeds I II
Forward 0-10 km/h 0-26.5
Reverse 0-9.6 km/h 0-25
Transmission Type Dead axle power shift + high & low speed
Shift Forward 2 Reverse 2
Forward I 2:154
Forward II 0:768
Reverse I 2:207
Reverse II 0:785
Model of Transmission pump CB-FA25-FL-X
Working pressure 199.1–227.6 Psi
Main Drive Type Single stage, spur gear
Gear Ratio 5:833
Final drive Type Single stage, planetary shift
Gear Ratio 3:9
Driving axle and
Type Driving axle and tyre
Tyre specification 16/70-20
Tyre pressure Front Wheel 50 Psi
  Rear Wheel 41 Psi
Brake system Service brake Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
Service brake 99.5-113.7 Psi
Parking brake Internal expansion type braking

Service Refill Capacities
Fuel 120L
Engine 6.8-8.5L
Hydraulic oil 100L
Gear box 20L
(main drive and final drive)
Brake system 4L


5748 mm
O/s to o/s width
of tyres
2040 mm
Height 2920 mm
Wheel centre to wheel centre 1630 mm
Max dumping height
(-45° dump angle)
2422 mm
Front wheel to
bucket edge
920 mm
Bucket width 2140 mm
Min. ground clearance (-45º) 2260 mm