CT18 – 7B Carter Mini Excavator

Carter CT18-7B Mini Excavator

Carter Mini Excavator Model CT-18
  • Compact, flexible and easy to operate
  • Suitable for working in confined and difficult spaces
  • Due to it’s top quality hydraulic pressure systems, the dipper handle and bucket work together smoothly and effectively.
  • Designed with operator comfort in mind
  • Easy access for routine maintenence. The engine cover allows checking of the battery and engine oil, air cleaning filter and replenishing the cooling water.
  • New e-Pos system maximises engine efficiency resulting in increased fuel economy
Operating Weight 1710 / 1760kg
Bucket Capacity 0.05 / 0.06 m3(SAE)
Engine Power 16kW @ 2,200 RPM
Swing Speed 10.6 RPM
Ground Pressure 29 KPa
Travel Speed 2.25 km/h
Tracking Force 11.54 KN
Gradeability 30° (58%)
Bucket Digging Force 11.44 KN
Arm Digging Force 8.04 KN


Hydraulic System
Main Pump Type Gear Pump
Flow / Pressure 22 x 2L / Min @ 2,200 rpm / 16MPa
Attachments Overload Pressure Boom / Arm / Bucket 20MPa


Working Range
Max Digging Radius 3720mm
Max Digging Radius at Ground Level 3640mm
Max Digging Depth 2100mm
Max Digging Height 2070mm
Max Dozer Cutting Depth 159mm
Max Dozer Lifting Height 210mm
Upperstructure Width 1050mm
Undercarriage Width 1080mm
Overall Height With Cabinet 2250mm
Rear Swing Radius 1200mm
Clearance Under Counterweight 467mm
Tumbler Distance 1185mm
Ground Clearance 212mm
Overall Length For Transportation 3790mm